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Home Information Guru for Corplexity

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Home Information Guru was our first website that we started in Janurary 2012. This website focuses on Home, Garden, Landscape, Pets, Home Safety & Security, DIY, and Family at home. We have 100′s of articles, over 1200 DIY videos, products for every area of the home, and much more for anyone interested in making thier exerience at home just a little bit better.

Home Selling Resources For Corplexity

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Home Selling Resources was started because of of 20 year love with everything real estate. This site was started in June of 2012. We have information about every aspect of real estate transactions such as: Buying, selling, investings, financing, real estate agent info, moving, and home staging. We know you will find so kind of helpful information here!

simple food solutions for corplexity

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Simple Food Solutions is the expression of our love for food and cooking. We are big home cooks that try hudreds of new recipes every year. We thought it was a shame to not share our love for cooking and eating great food, so here it is. We will continue to add new recipes and other cooking information on a regular basis.